For once, Hattie wasn’t going to follow the rules.

Welcome to another “Sexy Saturday”.

This week’s theme is Sexy Today. Here’s the “My Sexy Saturday” blurb:

We all have our idea of sexy and it means so much more than it did fifty years ago. Sexy can be any age and many are saying that being in your 50s is the new 40s because people live longer, love longer and enjoy a quality of life longer like no other time before. This week is all about being sexy today no matter what your age.

The stories I write are far from “today”. I write western historical romances, love stories set in the old west of the late 19th century. Needless to say, when I read this week’s “sexy” idea, I was a bit stumped. But, our topics are open to interpretation, and being “sexy today” can mean a lot of different things.

I stepped back in time with the characters from “No Regrets” — coming in July from Secret Cravings Publishing. For Hattie Mae Richards, learning about S-E-X is a life-changing experience. Isn’t that probably true for every girl?

She’s always been a very good girl, always following rules and doing what’s expected of her. Being with Willie has made her bold. His affections have caused her to see herself in a different light.

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For once, Hattie wasn’t going to follow the rules. Instead, she nestled closer as Willie gathered her into his arms.

He liked her. He wanted her. Heaven help her, but he thought she was pretty.

Those thoughts careened through her head, making her feel as though she were the most beautiful woman in the world, at least in Willie’s eyes, and what else mattered? She wanted to show him how happy he made her feel. She wanted to please him, to thank him for all the joy he’d brought into her life.

When his hand strayed to the bodice of her gown, she drew in a breath. How would it feel if he touched her…there? Desperate to know, she reached up. Her fingers fumbled at the lacy ribbons. Now he touched her breast through the sheer fabric of her chemise. When his thumb grazed over a hard, swollen nipple, Hattie’s body nearly rocketed skyward like some wild firecracker on the Fourth of July.

“Wait, wait.” The words came out in a whispered rush of breath.

She must discover more of these incredible feelings, must know how it would feel to have him stroke her flesh. Hattie’s hand trembled as she untied the drawstring of her chemise and tugged it downward, leaving her shoulders and her breasts bare to his touch.

Would he look at her? Would he like what he saw?

 Watch for No Regrets — Book 4 of “The Sunset Series” — coming in July, 2015

Books 1, 2, and 3 are available at Amazon and other online booksellers.

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One thought on “For once, Hattie wasn’t going to follow the rules.

  1. Nice snippet, Christina, and wonderful interpretation! Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday!

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