A rustle of skirts and petticoats swished across the floor.

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Quick Recap: A drunken, disgusting young man — Willie Morse — was caught stealing at the mercantile. A pretty  young woman — Hattie Mae — expressed her opinions of him. As she spoke to the store owners and shared a few thoughts about her decision to pursue a career in nursing, a crowd rushed forward. Hattie guessed at once that an accident had happened…and she figured Willie Morse was probably involved.  Indeed, she stepped outside to a gruesome scene. Willie was lying in the road, bleeding profusely from a gash to his leg. She determined that he was still alive, and then rushed to the hospital. A procession of men carrying Willie followed close behind. 

To Hattie’s dismay, the doctor’s wife — who usually assists him — was away. There wasn’t time to summon her. Although not trained, Hattie would have to step up and help Dr. Kellerman during the surgery to save Willie’s leg. Carefully following the doctor’s orders, Hattie administered ether. As the surgery continued, she founds herself gaining courage and strength.

Willie awakened following the surgery and realized he was still alive. He lamented his pathetic life.  As he lay crying, he realized a young woman — with a familiar voice — was in the room with him.

In today’s “snippet”, the young nurse tends to him. Enjoy!


A rustle of skirts and petticoats swished across the floor, accompanied by soft, delicate footfalls. Hattie Mae Richards moved through the room like an ethereal spirit. In some mysterious way, her presence seemed to wrap itself about him, comforting him, giving him a feeling of true peacefulness. He’d never known the feeling before.

When the young woman opened the door, a gleam of lamplight from the corridor cut through the darkness. The knife of reality sliced into his brain. Fear pounded through his body.

“No, don’t go.” Willie’s words shot out, taking with them the last of his strength. He sank down deeper into the bed, closed his eyes again, and wondered whether he would live or die.

Which would be worse? He couldn’t be sure. Death would be easier, but he suspected God might keep him alive just to punish him for all his sins.

The dark-haired nurse returned to Willie’s bedside. She placed a hand on his brow.

“Dear me, I’m not handling my duties very well, am I? I should have checked earlier for signs of ague.” Her voice, though still pleasant to hear, sounded apprehensive. As before, it also sounded oddly familiar.

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“No Regrets” is the fourth book of “The Sunset Series”. It is scheduled for release from Secret Cravings Publishing in July, 2015.

You can find all books in the series at Amazon and other online book-sellers. Each book is a “stand-alone” story — no cliff-hangers, no unfinished endings. Follow the lives and loves of the men and women of Sunset, Colorado.

Book 1 Not the Marrying Kind

Book 2 Keeping Faith

Book 3 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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