No Regrets – Very Much Alive

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Quick Recap: A drunken, disgusting young man — Willie Morse — was caught stealing at the mercantile. A pretty  young woman — Hattie Mae — expressed her opinions of him. As she spoke to the store owners and shared a few thoughts about her decision to pursue a career in nursing, a crowd rushed forward. Hattie guessed at once that an accident had happened…and she figured Willie Morse was probably involved.  Indeed, she stepped outside to a gruesome scene. Willie was lying in the road, bleeding profusely from a gash to his leg. She determined that he was still alive, and then rushed to the hospital. A procession of men carrying Willie followed close behind. 

To Hattie’s dismay, the doctor’s wife — who usually assists him — was away. There wasn’t time to summon her. Although not trained, Hattie would have to step up and help Dr. Kellerman during the surgery to save Willie’s leg. Carefully following the doctor’s orders, Hattie administered ether. As the surgery continued, she founds herself gaining courage and strength.

In today’s “snippet”, Willie awakens following the surgery. 


Damn it, he was alive. He knew because he hurt. All over. Everywhere.

For a long time, Willie lay still, his eyes closed, terrified at what he might discover if he attempted to move. While he seemed to be all in one piece, he couldn’t be sure of it. He’d heard stories of men who’d lost limbs in the war yet who still felt their missing arm or leg. Phantom limbs, they were called. For all he knew, he might be a cripple now, a man with no future ahead of him, confined to live out his days in pain, suffering, and pity.

He stiffened. Wasn’t that the life he already lived?

His eyes remained closed, shutting out the light of the day, and shutting out all the awful truths he wasn’t willing to see. It was only when darkness descended upon him that he stirred in the bed. He moved his fingers first, and then his wrists, his forearms, his upper arms.

As full consciousness returned, pain shrieked through his body, no longer a dull, throbbing ache, but an agonizing fire that burned so hot he wondered if maybe he had died and gone straight to hell after all.

His eyes stung, and a groan crept from his throat. He fought to remain strong. Despite his efforts, one tear slid down his swollen cheek. Another followed.

Yes, he was very much alive. His body hurt and his soul ached. Lying in the darkness, he cried for all the things he should have been, for all the things he should have done, and for all the faults he could never overcome.


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“No Regrets” is the fourth book of “The Sunset Series”. It is scheduled for release from Secret Cravings Publishing in July, 2015.

You can find all books in the series at Amazon and other online book-sellers. Each book is a “stand-alone” story — no cliff-hangers, no unfinished endings. Follow the lives and loves of the men and women of Sunset, Colorado.

Book 1 Not the Marrying Kind

Book 2 Keeping Faith

Book 3 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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