My Sexy Saturday – Sexy’s Got You

Welcome to another “Sexy Saturday”. The theme this week is “Sexy’s Got You”. It’s all about “being there” for each other, no matter what. Isn’t that what true sexiness should be?

The topics we write each week are open to interpretation. With many different authors participating, you’ll find many different variations on each theme. My excerpts are probably not at hot as some you’ll find, because I like keeping the focus on love and romance, showing intimacy as part of the relationship between the story’s hero and heroine.

In my upcoming historical romance, No Regrets, Hattie and Willie desperately need one another. Each provides something the other lacks. The bond that forms between them soon leads to an illicit affair. Even though it’s wrong, it can’t be stopped.

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Hattie would let nothing come between her and Willie. She owed him so much. Before meeting him, she’d been caught up in following rules, always trying her best to be a perfect young lady who did everything right, and now, he’d taught her how to live by her own rules, to be who she wanted to be, not conform to the standards of ideal womanhood held up to her by spinsters like Helen Brundage or hypocrites like Charlotte Kellerman.

Her newfound freedom exhilarated her, left her breathless with anticipation for each moment with Willie.

Yet why was he looking at her that way?

“Are you certain that nothing is wrong? Have I done something…?”

“No, of course not. Nothing is wrong.” He came to her, placed his hands on her cheeks, bent forward, and kissed the tip of her nose. “I just needed a moment to gaze upon your lovely face, that’s all. I’ve missed you. I wasn’t sure you were coming.”

Little doubts crept into Hattie’s mind. Despite her desire to please Willie – and herself – at times being bold still proved a bit of a challenge.

“I shouldn’t be here. We both know what we’re doing is wrong.” True, indeed, but she didn’t want to speak that truth aloud, thereby giving voice to her doubts. She would listen instead to her heart. “I can’t seem to help myself, however,” she whispered then drew away.



Watch for No Regrets — Book 4 of “The Sunset Series” — coming in July, 2015

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Thank you for hopping over to visit today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek through the bedroom door.

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My Sexy Saturday

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