No Regrets – An Angel of Mercy

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Quick Recap: A drunken, disgusting young man — Willie Morse — was caught stealing at the mercantile. A pretty  young woman — Hattie Mae — expressed her opinions of him. As she spoke to the store owners and shared a few thoughts about her decision to pursue a career in nursing, a crowd rushed forward. Hattie guessed at once that an accident had happened…and she figured Willie Morse was probably involved.  Indeed, she stepped outside to a gruesome scene. Willie was lying in the road, bleeding profusely from a gash to his leg. She determined that he was still alive, and then rushed to the hospital. A procession of men carrying Willie followed close behind. 

To Hattie’s dismay, the doctor’s wife — who usually assists him — was away. There wasn’t time to summon her. Although not trained, Hattie would have to step up and help Dr. Kellerman during the surgery to save Willie’s leg. Carefully following the doctor’s orders, Hattie administered ether. As the surgery continues, she founds herself gaining courage and strength.

In today’s “snippet”, Hattie has retreated to the porch following the surgery. She is joined by Dr. Kellerman. 

Hattie Nurse

After all the hub-bub of the awful accident, the afternoon seemed oddly quiet. Most folks were probably gathering around either the Red Mule saloon or Taylor’s Mercantile to talk about the day’s events. A few of them, she guessed, would probably be betting on the outcome, taking odds as to whether or not young Mr. Morse would survive.

Hattie’s hands still trembled. She sucked in great gulps of air in an attempt to calm herself. Somehow, she’d done it all correctly, had kept her head, choked back the fear building inside of her, and she’d performed a valuable service, but Lord knew, she hoped she never had to do it again. She had no desire to be a surgical assistant. Her role was supposed to be that of a kind and gentle caretaker, an angel of mercy who could soothe a fevered brow, smile away aches and pains, and attend to the comforts of the ill.

The door opened. Hattie glanced over her shoulder, smiling as the doctor stepped out onto the porch to join her. He still wore his blood-stained jacket. The sight of it made her wince.

“He’s sleeping quite soundly.” Dr. Kellerman nodded his head in the general direction of the room where Willie lay. He placed a hand on Hattie’s shoulder. “You did well, Miss Richards. If he pulls through, he’ll have you to thank for helping save his life.”

“I only did what you asked.” She cocked her head. “You said if he pulls through…” Hesitant to speak her thoughts, she bit her lip. “He might still die. That’s what you’re saying.”

“We do our best, but a lot depends upon the patient. I’m not sure this fellow’s got the will to live.” He hesitated, as if he were chewing on his thoughts. “The next few days will tell the tale. The wound itself could have been worse. He’s a lucky man. There wasn’t any damage to the artery. There’s still danger of infection, though.”

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“No Regrets” is the fourth book of “The Sunset Series”. It is scheduled for release from Secret Cravings Publishing in July, 2015.

You can find all books in the series at Amazon and other online book-sellers. Each book is a “stand-alone” story — no cliff-hangers, no unfinished endings. Follow the lives and loves of the men and women of Sunset, Colorado.

Book 1 Not the Marrying Kind

Book 2 Keeping Faith

Book 3 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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