My Sexy Saturday – A Long Sexy Time

Welcome to another “Sexy Saturday”. The theme this week is “A Long Sexy Time”, and it’s the perfect theme for lovers Ben and Emily from my latest western historical romance, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

Ben and Emily first met when they were children. She was fourteen, and he was sixteen. Now, in this latest book in the series, they’re grown up, and together, they’re learning about love — and sex.

Do you remember being young…and inexperienced? Do you remember all the questions in your head, all the curiosity about “the opposite sex”?

For My Sexy Saturday today, I’ll take you back to those awkward, uncertain times with a humorous little clip. Emily has walked in on Benjamin at a rather…well, shall we say, awkward and embarrassing moment? Her only knowledge of sex has come from the lectures she’s heard at Miss Brundage’s Female Academy…lectures delivered by a stern, old-fashioned spinster who goes to great length to warn “her girls” about the evils of men.

Enjoy this snippet!

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Emily blushed and looked away, recalling the snickers and giggles that rippled through the lecture hall as Miss Brundage preached against the wicked practice as she called it, along with the aid of numerous drawings, charts, and a long wooden pointer she waved about with a flourish. At other times, the strict woman took the pointer in her hand and stroked it lovingly.


Emily’s blush deepened at the thought. She remembered, too, the heat and the wetness she so often felt between her legs when she thought about… manly parts. Again, Miss Brundage’s term.

Emily had never actually seen a man’s privates. Even when she’d burst into the bunkhouse and caught Benjamin with his manly parts exposed, she hadn’t had her wits about her enough to take a good look. She regretted turning away so quickly.

Did manly parts look as frightening— and as ugly— as the drawings suggested?

… swollen with lustful desires to a shameful reddish-purple state, a veritable spear with which a man impales a woman…

Such acts were to never to be encouraged, of course, but within the confines of wedlock, a woman became subject to such degradation, at which time, she must learn to grit her teeth and bear the agony all in the name of duty.

Turning her attention away from the protrusion beneath the blanket, she looked up at Ben. “Do you do this sort of thing often?” she asked in a tiny voice. For the first time, it occurred to her that Miss Brundage might not be an expert on the subject of human sexuality. Most certainly the intimidating older woman with the tight gray bun and high-necked gowns had never practiced any wicked acts on her own— with or without the benefit of a male partner.  Shaking the thoughts away, Emily looked up at Benjamin and repeated her question. “Do you?”

He pressed his lips together, then nodded. “Yes, Emily, I do.” Clutching the blanket securely against his body, he reached out and placed one hand at her waist. “Maybe you think I am crazy, and maybe you’re right, but it’s because of you. You make me crazy.”


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


From – He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – Book 3 of “The Sunset Series”

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Thank you for hopping over to visit today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek through the bedroom door.

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