My Sexy Saturday – Our Sexy Tomorrow

Welcome to another “Sexy Saturday”. The theme this week is “Our Sexy Tomorrow”.

The topics we write each week are open to interpretation. With many different authors participating, you’ll find many different variations on each theme. My excerpts are probably not at hot as some you’ll find, because I like keeping the focus on love and romance, showing intimacy as part of the relationship between the story’s hero and heroine.

In my latest historical romance, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Ben and Emily are learning about life and love together. Yes, that includes learning about love-making, too.

Ben swallowed back the last of his doubts and pushed all questions far from his head. His world had narrowed to one singular focus—Miss Emily Sue Phillips.

He’d somehow loved her from the moment he’d first laid eyes on her seven years before, and he knew beyond any doubt that he would never stop loving her.

With gentle movements, he slipped the camisole over her head, then tossed it toward the floor where her cotton blouse had fallen. His throat went dry, and he stepped back, watching in fascination as she lifted her skirts and unfastened her stockings from their garters.

Emily looked up, caught him staring, with his tongue hanging out, no less, and she gave him a shy smile. If there was one thing Emily loved, it was being the center of attention. She had every last ounce of it now, and she knew it.

Her smile became a playful, seductive pout. She sat on the bed, lifted one shapely leg upward, and slowly unrolled a stocking. Ben licked his lips, and she giggled. Left leg up, stocking rolled off, another come-hither look from the temptress in his bed.

Emily had figured it all out. She knew exactly what to do. How to tease, how to please. Like he’d told himself all along, just do what comes naturally.

But do it slowly, he reminded himself, resisting a very natural urge to strip off the last of his clothes, lunge for the bed, and rut like there was no tomorrow. Emily deserved better.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


From – He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – Book 3 of “The Sunset Series”

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My Sexy Saturday

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