No Regrets – Better Off Dead

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Quick Recap: A drunken, disgusting young man — Willie Morse — was caught stealing at the mercantile. A pretty  young woman — Hattie Mae — expressed her opinions of him. As she spoke to the store owners and shared a few thoughts about her decision to pursue a career in nursing, a crowd rushed forward. Hattie guessed at once that an accident had happened…and she figured Willie Morse was probably involved. 

Hattie Nurse

“Is anyone hurt?” Hattie called out as she tried to squeeze through the crowd of onlookers who stood gawking at the scene. Nobody moved. “Please, let me through.”  I’m a nurse. As much as she wished she could say those words, they would be untrue. She was not a nurse, only a hopeful young girl learning the profession. “Please, move aside.” She pushed her way through to the front, then gasped to see Willie in the middle of the road, surrounded by the shattered remains of a carriage. The driver had apparently swerved and run into a water trough. But he’d hit Willie, too. The young man lay unmoving, covered with blood, his clothes torn to shreds. A long, ugly gash ripped across his left thigh. His face had a deathly gray pallor. His eyes were closed.

For all she knew, he might already be dead, but for pity’s sake, why wasn’t andbody trying to help?

“Damned drunk. Serves him right. Weren’t your fault, Jed.” A couple men consoled the badly-shaken driver, while a boy patted the horses’ necks to calm them. Nobody seemed to care what happened to the injured man in the middle of the road.

Hattie raced forward, knelt beside Willie, and  bent her ear close to his mouth. A slight breath touched her cheek. “He’s alive.” Her heart beat a frantic rhythm.  She placed a hand at his neck but couldn’t be sure whether or not she felt a pulse. “Hold on. I’ll get Dr. Kellerman.”

In the midst of the noise and confusion, Sheriff Bryant appeared. Calling for order, he soon had the crowd quiet. “Get a cart over here. We’ll need a couple strong men to move him.” He held out a hand toward Hattie. “Go on. Tell Abner we’ve got a serious injury here. Better tell him to set up his operating table.”

“Fellow probably ain’t going to make it, and no great loss if he don’t.” A broad-shouldered farmer stepped forward then glanced toward the stricken young man. “I reckon he’s better off dead.”

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“No Regrets” is the fourth book of “The Sunset Series”. It is scheduled for release from Secret Cravings Publishing in July, 2015.

You can find all books in the series at Amazon and other online book-sellers. Each book is a “stand-alone” story — no cliff-hangers, no unfinished endings. Follow the lives and loves of the men and women of Sunset, Colorado.

Book 1 Not the Marrying Kind

Book 2 Keeping Faith

Book 3 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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