My Sexy Saturday – Sexy Me Up!

Welcome to another episode of “My Sexy Saturday” – the weekly little hop where romance authors share seven words, seven lines, or seven paragraphs from their work, chosen to fit an enticing theme.

Today we’re offering thoughts on the theme of “Sexy Me Up!”  What does that mean? It could mean a lot of different things, and if you hop around from one author’s blog to the next, you’ll find lots of different scenes.

For my “Sexy Me Up!” excerpt, I focused immediately on a single word: UP. My thoughts went at once to a scene from my latest western historical romance. Emily Sue Phillips and Benjamin Brooks have been sweet on each other for years. After a brief separation, they’ve come together again. She’s now nineteen, he’s twenty-one, and together, they’re learning about love.

Before she had time to think , Emily found herself literally swept off her feet, held in the strong, sure arms of the man she’d loved so much for so long. Her heart raced with a reckless beat. Unable to speak, she rested her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes, and gave in to the wondrous sensations rippling through her body. Warmth rushed from her fingertips to her toes. Every nerve in her body came alive.

“I swore I wouldn’t let this happen,” he growled against her cheek, his hot breath tickling and teasing. “Not yet, not here, not now.”

From: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – Book Three of “The Sunset Series”

The stories of “The Sunset Series” are 3-flame romance, not erotica, so if you like lots of love and romance to go along with your sexy Saturdays, please visit my Amazon author page or my official website.

Christina Cole

Christina Cole Romance

Travel back with me to the old west, to a time and place where life moved at a slower pace, and where every new day brought challenges to face.

Each book in “The Sunset Series” can stand alone — no unfinished stories, no cliffhanger endings. The series focuses on life, love, and many lessons to be learned in the fictional little town of Sunset, Colorado.

Not the Marrying Kind

Not the Marrying Kind

Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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I hope in the midst of all the hot, sexy erotic stories you’re reading, you’ve enjoyed a quieter, romantic sort of “sexy”.

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My Sexy Saturday

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