No Regrets – Accidents Happen

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Quick Recap: A drunken, disgusting young man — Willie Morse — was caught stealing at the mercantile. A pretty  young woman — Hattie Mae — expressed her opinions of him. She’s now speaking with the store owners, sharing a few thoughts about her decision to pursue a career in nursing. 

Hattie Nurse

Hattie blinked, pushed aside her philosophical musings, and quickly loosened the drawstrings of her reticule. “Yes, Dr. Kellerman is in need of a few things.” She pulled out a hand-written list and shook it open. “He said you probably wouldn’t have the items in inventory but thought perhaps you could pick them up when you next go to Denver. They’re for the hospital.”

Although she’d once intended to devote her life to teaching, Hattie had given up that plan. She didn’t have the temperament for it and could never have handled a rowdy classroom. When she’d first heard that Abner Kellerman and his lovely wife, Charlotte, were opening a hospital, she’d realized at once that nursing was her true calling. Immediately, she quit school and headed straight for the little town of Sunset. Not once had she regretted her impetuous decision.

The older woman perused the list and nodded. “We’ll be making a trip tomorrow, won’t we, Asa?” When her husband nodded in confirmation, Martha smiled and tucked the supply list into the pocket of her apron. “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, thank you. I’d better be getting back now.” Hattie straightened and squared her shoulders. “I have a lot of studying to do. There’s so much to learn about caring for patients, passing out medications, and keeping careful records.” Pride was a horrible sin, but Hattie couldn’t help but feel her heart swell each time she thought of the tremendous faith the good doctor had placed in her. She meant to become the most knowledgeable and efficient nurse possible. “I’ll tell the Kellermans that you’re going to Denver–”

From the roadway in front of the store, shouts and cries rose up. A shrill whinny rent the air, followed by an awful crashing noise. The mercantile itself shuddered and shook as every man, woman, and child rushed outside to see what had happened. Asa Taylor and his wife pushed their way through the door along with the others, leaving Hattie standing alone, her mouth open, her sentence still unfinished.

Gathering her wits, she closed her mouth and raced toward the door. Even before she stepped out into the afternoon light, she knew there’d been an accident, and she could probably guess who was involved.

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“No Regrets” is the fourth book of “The Sunset Series”. It is scheduled for release from Secret Cravings Publishing in July, 2015.

You can find all books in the series at Amazon and other online book-sellers. Each book is a “stand-alone” story — no cliff-hangers, no unfinished endings. Follow the lives and loves of the men and women of Sunset, Colorado.

Book 1 Not the Marrying Kind

Book 2 Keeping Faith

Book 3 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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