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After hopping around a bit last week and visiting blogs from other authors participating in My Sexy Saturday, I realized we all have very different definitions of sexiness. Much of what I found on the hop would probably be classified as erotic romance, and that’s definitely a genre many readers enjoy.

But erotic, is not what I write. I write “3-flame” romances. Yes, the bedroom door stays open and scenes can get hot, yet throughout the story, the focus is on love, not love-making. If that’s the sort of “sexy” that appeals to you, I hope you’ll visit my official website, Christina Cole Romance and get acquainted with me and my love stories.

For today’s “My Sexy Saturday” blog hop, we’re playing the old melody, “Kiss me once, kiss me twice, kiss me once again, it’s been a long, long time.” Maybe you remember the song. I think it captures a lot of the feelings between Emily Sue Phillips and Ben Brooks in my latest western historical romance, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me NotBen and Emily have been “sweet” on each other since they met years before. He was sixteen, she was fourteen when they shared their first innocent kiss. Now, they’re all grown up and learning about love. Emily’s been away at school for months, and when she comes home, she’s suddenly no longer sure about Ben’s feelings for her.

Of course, it is a love story, and despite all the doubts and the deceptions surrounding them, Ben and Emily eventually come together, eager to explore, to discover, to share intimate pleasures. Here’s a short, sexy excerpt:

Ben’s heart pounded. Emily lay beside him, and he gathered her close. Could he truly give her pleasure? He held his breath, unsure how to begin.  For now, he would trust his instincts, allow his hands to be guided in their careful explorations. Ben’s hand strayed to the bodice of Emily’s gown, fumbling at the tiny buttons at the neck. He drew in his breath as his clumsy fingers brushed against the bare flesh of her throat. Emily, he realized, had anticipated his moves. She had already unfastened the gown.

From – He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – Book 3 of “The Sunset Series”

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Thank you for hopping over to visit today.

I hope in the midst of all the hot, sexy erotic stories you’re reading, you’ve enjoyed a quieter, romantic sort of “sexy”.

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My Sexy Saturday

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