No Regrets – It’s Never Wrong to Speak the Truth

I’m working now on No Regrets, the fourth book of my “Sunset Series” of western historical romances. You can read the opening scene here:

No Regrets – Opening Scene

As this scene begins, Willie Morse Jr. has just staggered out of the mercantile. Drunk, disgusting, and down on his luck, he was caught trying to steal a pickle. A pretty young girl standing nearby remarked that he was “plumb pitiful.”  Willie has now left the building. 

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Hattie Mae Richards clamped a hand over her mouth. Her face must be beet red judging by the heat emanating from her cheeks.

“I shouldn’t have said that.” She lowered her gaze. She’d been brought up better and knew a decent young girl never uttered such unkind words aloud. A truly good girl would never even think such awful things,

“Don’t go apologizing,” Old Asa said. “Never wrong to speak the truth, Miss Richards.”

She lowered her gaze. “It is the truth, and that’s the real shame of it.” But she had better things to do than waste her time thinking about a stinking drunk, especially one who’d been born to a life of wealth and privilege.

Although she’d never been formally introduced to William Howard Morse, Junior, she knew quite well who he was. She knew, too, that he’d been through some rough times in the past year. Still, that didn’t excuse his behavior. Life dealt blows to many folks. She could certainly attest to that from her own personal experience. She, however, hadn’t become a wastrel or drunkard. If anything, hardship and disappointment should strengthen, not defeat, a person.

“What was it you were needing, dear?” Martha Taylor waddled up and placed a hand at Hattie’s shoulder. “Dr. Kellerman sent you over, didn’t he?”

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I’m glad to be back again as part of Sunday Snippets, and I hope you enjoy reading my new story. Please, remember, you’re viewing unedited clips from the novel’s first draft. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated and will help me write the best story I can. 

You can visit the other participants in Sunday Snippets by clicking the link below. Thank you again for taking time to visit today. I hope you’ll leave a comment to share your thoughts about Hattie Mae Richards, Willie Morse, and their love story.


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