The Letter

From Christina: As I work on the third book of “The Sunset Series”, I’m going to be sharing the story here. I’ll be posting “snippets” each week on Sneak Peek Sunday, and from time to time, I might post additional snippets, as well.

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

The story is scheduled for release from Secret Cravings Publishing in January. Please be aware that what you are reading here will be unedited, unrevised work from a rough draft of the story. All comments, questions, and suggestions will be appreciated.

Those who’ve read “Not the Marrying Kind” will remember Emily Sue Phillips as the annoying little sister who loved sneaking about. In this story, she’s a very grown up young lady.  I hope you enjoy today’s snippet, and that you’ll continue reading as the story progresses. 

* * * *

Blinking back her tears, Emily hobbled alongside Ben. Pain shot through her with each step. Drat! If she went home now, Mama would make a fuss about her twisted ankle. She’d insist on wrapping it tightly and order strict bed rest for the next few days. That would never do. It wouldn’t fit in at all with Emily’s plans.

“I’ve changed my mind.” Her grip tightened on Ben’s forearm. “Instead of taking me to my folks’ house, I need you to take me back to the J Bar K with you. I can stay there with Kat and Josh.” The ranch where Emily had grown-up – and where Ben had worked for the last seven years —  now belonged to her sister and brother-in-law. They would be only too happy to have her stay with them over the holidays.

Old LettersBut Ben stopped. Once again he turned to her with a bewildered look. For a moment he remained silent. All the while, he raked her with a peculiar gaze.

“Is something wrong”? she asked, hating how timorous her voice sounded.

For a moment more, he stared at her, then finally turned away. “Did you even bother to read my letter?”

“Well, yes, of course. At least, most of it.” Her cheeks heated, and she lowered her gaze, but then, at once, she jerked her chin up again. “That letter didn’t make a lick of sense, Ben.”


 * * * *

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little “snippet”.

For more information on “The Sunset Series”, please visit “Riding into the Sunset”

Now available from Secret Cravings Publishing


Book 1  Not the Marrying Kind

Not the Marrying Kind

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Book 2 Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith

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