Too Busy

From Christina: As I work on the third book of “The Sunset Series”, I’m going to be sharing the story here. I’ll be posting “snippets” each week on Sneak Peek Sunday, and from time to time, I might post additional snippets, as well.

To read from the beginning, click here:

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

The story is scheduled for release from Secret Cravings Publishing in January. Please be aware that what you are reading here will be unedited, unrevised work from a rough draft of the story. All comments, questions, and suggestions will be appreciated.

Those who’ve read “Not the Marrying Kind” will remember Emily Sue Phillips as the annoying little sister who loved sneaking about. In this story, she’s a very grown up young lady.  I hope you enjoy today’s snippet, and that you’ll continue reading as the story progresses. 

* * * *

Out of sight. Out of mind. Emily had other things to think about.

“I’m so glad you finally got here,  Ben.” She reached out to place a hand on his arm, but he stepped away before she could touch him. Startled by the unexpected reaction, Emily drew back.

Busy“I told you not to come home,” he said. “I told you to stay in Denver.”

Shocked and hurt by his rejection, and concerned by his fearsome scowl, Emily had no idea what to say to him. She’d never known Ben to act this way. An apology rose to her lips, but she snapped her mouth shut and held back the words. Why should she say she was sorry when she’d done nothing wrong? Sucking in a deep breath, she lifted her chin.

“This school term is over, Ben.” True enough, and for now, that was all Ben needed to know. She could discuss the rest of her plans with him another time. “The holidays are here. Of course I’m coming home to be with my family.” She sighed, lowered her gaze, and said, “I came home to see you, too, but obviously you no longer care.”

“You got my letter, didn’t you?” He reached out, placed a hand beneath her quivering chin, and lifted her face to his. “I wrote to you. I told you I was going to be too busy to spend any time with you.”

 * * * *

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little “snippet”.

For more information on “The Sunset Series”, please visit “Riding into the Sunset”

Now available from Secret Cravings Publishing


Book 1  Not the Marrying Kind

Not the Marrying Kind

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“A Must Read”

I greatly recommend this book to anyone who loves cowboys, westerns, and just good writing and stories…

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Book 2 Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith

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 Keeping Faith was a rollercoaster ride of rich drama.Complex characters with real identifiable flaws that make you relate. A hero that just wants to do the right thing. Mrs. Cole takes you on a journey of self discovery…

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