What Will Emily Do Now?

From Christina: As I work on the third book of “The Sunset Series”, I’m going to be sharing the story here. I’ll be posting “snippets” each week on Six Sentence Sunday, and from time to time, I might post additional snippets, as well.

The story, “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”, is scheduled for release from Secret Cravings Publishing in January. Please be aware that what you are reading here will be unedited, unrevised work from a rough draft of the story. All comments, questions, and suggestions will be appreciated.

Those who’ve read “Not the Marrying Kind” will remember Emily Sue Phillips as the annoying little sister who loved sneaking about. In this story, she’s a very grown up young lady.  I hope you enjoy today’s snippet, and that you’ll continue reading as the story progresses. 

* * * *

Emily Sue Phillips arrives in Sunset

* * * *

What will Emily do now?


She bit back tears and clutched her pocketbook close, refusing to think of the peculiar letter tucked inside. She’d read it, but it had made no sense. Regardless of anything Benjamin Brooks might have written, she’d still expected him to greet her at the depot. After all, they were sweethearts, and she’d been away for the last three months. Instead of making her stand about alone on a dreary gray morning, he should have been rushing to welcome her home.

The sound of yet another wagon caught her attention. With hope rising anew in her heart, Emily looked up, but the driver reined up at the mercantile, and a young woman climbed down.

Little point in waiting any longer. Obviously Ben wasn’t coming to pick her up.

valiseSnatching up her weary-looking valise, Emily stepped from the platform. Tears stung her eyes, making it hard to see. Somehow, she lost her footing, and with the heavy suitcase throwing her off-balance, she couldn’t right herself.

Down she went in a heap, landing with her right ankle twisted beneath her. Wincing as she wiggled the foot, she let out a grateful sigh. It hurt, but at least no bones were broken.

From out of nowhere, a rough, swarthy hand reached toward her. “You all right, miss?”

 * * * *

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little “snippet”.

For more information on “The Sunset Series”, please visit “Riding into the Sunset”

Now available from Secret Cravings Publishing


Book 1  Not the Marrying Kind


Book 2 Keeping Faith

Also available at Amazon and other on–line booksellers.

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