When Life Brings Storms…a Man Keeps Riding

Welcome, readers! With the recent release of Keeping Faith, I’m excited to share another little “snippet” of the story with you.  Enjoy!

Keeping Faith – Book 2 of “The Sunset Series”

Two hours later, Tom called it quits, as well. As he turned toward home at last, he cursed his own foolhardiness. Where he’d once thought his efforts to become a better man had given him a strong sense of determination, he now saw it for what it truly was— a stubborn streak that could do more harm than good in the larger scheme of things.

storm_clouds_illuminated_by_lightning_by_nini1965-d6d1x6gThe storm that had threatened earlier finally broke only moments after he turned back. A bitterly cold rain washed down over him, leaving him to wonder why everything in creation always seemed to conspire against him. Maybe his unfortunate birth had brought a curse down upon his head.

It didn’t seem fair. All he wanted was a chance to make something of himself. Wanting to rise above one’s meager beginnings and improve one’s lot was part of human nature, wasn’t it? He didn’t consider himself selfish, but counted it instead as ambition, and without it, a man would never amount to anything more than that hill of beans people spoke about so often.

He wanted a good life for himself. Even more, he wanted it for Faith.

His thoughts broke off as a ferocious wind tore through the hills. The full force of the storm moved in, making travel dangerous. He skirted the steep ravines, the wild and craggy trails strewn with rocks and mountain ash and late-blooming wild flowers. A raw, savage beauty gripped the land as the heavens unleashed their rains.Frustrated and angry, he pulled the collar up on his jacket and rode onward, doing his best to ignore the downpour and the raging winds.

So much of life was like that. A man just had to toughen up, ignore the pain, and keep going.



Can’t wait until next week to read more of Tom’s story?


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Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith


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