A Real Shame

Today I’ve got a very short little “sneak peek” from Keeping Faith, my latest historical romance. Keeping Faith was released on Tuesday, July 1, and within hours had become the current #1 best-selling historical romance at Secret Cravings Publishing. Thank you, readers! 




In this quick snippet, Tom Henderson hopes to persuade Lucille McIntyre to attend the upcoming Colorado Statehood dance with him. Should she flaunt tradition and go with the good-looking cowboy? 


MourningTom put his hat on again, then rubbed his jaw.

“Grief can’t last forever, Miss Lucille. It’s sad that your father met with that unfortunate accident, but don’t you think it’s time to move on?”

“It’s barely been six months. The customary period for mourning is at least a year.”

“Statehood only comes along once. It’d be a real shame to miss it because of some old-fashioned custom.” He stepped closer. “You know, you’d look so much prettier, and so much happier, if you weren’t wearing those mourning clothes.” His seductive blue-eyed gaze swept over her with obvious interest. He licked his lips.

Lucille’s ears burned. Although his remark sounded innocent on the surface, she picked up definite undercurrents. Her throat went dry, her legs turned weak, and her hands shook.

“I think you’d better go now.” She turned away from him.

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