Ever Wake Up Someplace You Weren’t Supposed to Be?

Keeping Faith, the second book in my “Sunset Series” opens in July, 1876, a historic time for Colorado.  Statehood has arrived, and along with it, a lot of celebrations.

Lucille McIntyre finally consents to attend the statehood dance in Sunset with cowboy Tom Henderson. A once-in-a-lifetime moment, he reminds her, and she agrees that if they’re going to celebrate, they should do it right. Whiskey flows freely.

When morning comes, a horrible hang-over comes, too. Lucille can’t quite figure out what’s going on.  Enjoy!

Lucille Wakes UpExcerpt from KEEPING FAITH

“You best get your sorry ass up, girl, and get out of that bed.”

Lucille cringed at the sound of the voice. She knew it all too well. With effort she managed to pry one eye open enough to see Charlotte standing at the doorway, her heavy form sagging against the jamb.

What was Charlotte doing in her bedroom? Why was she ordering her out of her own bed?

Lucille closed her eyes again as doubts crept in. Beneath her shoulder, she felt not the soft quilted coverlets of her bed, but a coarse woolen blanket. The pillow beneath her head was filled not with soft eiderdown but straw.

This is not my pillow. These are not my blankets. This is not my bed.

She pulled the covers up and ducked beneath them.


Keeping Faith — Available on July 1

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