What Do They Say…?

Welcome, readers, to Snippets!  Here, each week on Sunday,  I’ll be posting short six-sentence excerpts from my stories. You’ll meet Kat Phillips from Not the Marrying Kind, you’ll get to know Tom Henderson from Keeping Faith, and you’ll get “sneak peeks” of a very grown-up Emily Sue and Benjamin Brooks in He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

This week, my snippet comes from Not the Marrying Kind, the first book in my “Sunset” series about life and love in the little town of Sunset, Colorado.

Remember last week? When Lucille noted the size of Joshua Barron’s socks and commented about men with large feet?

Snippet – You Know What They Say

In today’s snippet, Kat sees Joshua at church on Sunday morning.  Oh, dear. He’s got more mending for her to do!


EXCERPT FROM: Not the Marrying Kind


“I think you look very nice.” Very nice, indeed. She eyed him from top to toe, then brought her gaze upward again to stop at the cloth bundle he held in his hands. “What’s that?” she asked as he thrust it toward her. “More socks?”

He nodded. “You did such a fine job on those first ones, Miss Kat, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind darning a couple more pairs for me. I do intend to pay you. I don’t expect you to do all this mending for nothing.” He glanced down at his well-polished boots. “I guess it’s these big feet of mine. For some reason, I seem to go through socks awful quick.”

Big Boots“Well, you know what they say about men with large feet.” She smiled and looked up, but just then Joshua began to cough and choke. “Are you all right?” she asked. “Can I get you something?”

Joshua sucked in a deep breath, held it, then peered down at her from his six-foot-two height. “Just what do they say, Miss Kat?” He seemed barely able to get out the words. “About a man with big feet?”

The way he looked at her made her face heat. In fact, her whole body seemed to suddenly be on fire.

“You know,” she replied, unable to look at him. “That they’re hard on socks.” Obviously she’d guessed wrong. She had the distinct impression that whatever it was they said, it wasn’t anything she should be thinking about in a place of worship. “I’ll get these back to you as soon as possible.”



Watch for next week’s Snippet from KEEPING FAITH


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Not the Marrying Kind


 NOT THE MARRYING KIND is a delightful story about a woman finding her true self and overcoming many obstacles along the way…big thanks to Christina Cole for writing such a wonderful historic western.

– Jeanine McAdam, Author –

Christina Cole is quickly becoming one of my favorite historical romance writers. She delivers once again with her latest. The characters are engaging, fun, warm, and strong. The plot tight, the pacing brisk, and the romance top notch. Also the attention to historical detail is spot on. A great read from beginning to end!

– V. L. Locey, Author –

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8 thoughts on “What Do They Say…?

  1. OMG, that is soooooo funny! I am looking forward to reading this story. All the snippets are wonderful!

  2. Tease, tease, tease, telling us it is going to be in Book 2 and working into book 3~ I love it. And may I say again CONGRATULATIONS on winning the book challenge for the week last week. i sure was pushing and voting and voting and voting again! Glad they listened and removed the dislike feature, that was tacky! 😀

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